About Us

Our name says it all: Buffalo Booties are Bigger & Tougher than our competition. That’s the formula we used to create a better brand. Now here’s the story…

My background is in the HVAC/R industry. As the owner of Cool Estate, one of Canada’s leading stocking Manufacturers’ Rep Agencies, now in our 22nd year as the Master Distributor for Aspen Manufacturing out of Houston, TX we started selling boot covers only 9 years ago.

We realized right away it was a smart move as sales flourished. But we also learned early on that our customers demanded better quality. Both residential and commercial contractors alike made it clear that they needed a more robust product – that their technicians were continuously experiencing tears.

The two most common requests we received were:

Please Make them Bigger – So our Techs can put them on more easily without ripping or tearing them in the process.

Please Make them Stronger – We continued to hear how boot covers wore out prematurely in customer’s homes and on job sites.

The problem we faced is that our supplier in the U.S. refused to make changes because it would cost too much. Their justification was that their biggest competitor was using the same material thickness, so why should they change?

Keeping in mind that our goal is to provide THE BEST VALUE POSSIBLE to our customers, we decided to do something about it. I hopped on a plane to China, with samples in hand from our competitors, and set out to find a supplier that could produce a better quality boot cover.

Two trips and two years later I found the right supplier, inked a deal, and that, as they say, is the story.